Physical Fitness and Nutrition - Using Exercise and Nutrition to Enhance Your Health

Exercise and nutrition are two important components of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise slows the aging process, improves body posture, helps you stay mentally alert, and enhances your overall well being. Proper nutrition enhances endurance and plays a vital role in muscle maintenance and function. Both exercise and nutrition can reverse and slow the aging process in the elderly.

Exercise influences brain health via multiple mechanisms that produce new neurons (neuronal regeneration). Fatigue brought on by exercise originates in the brain; the source of this fatigue is not necessarily exercise intensity per se, but rather increased blood flow and oxygenation to the brain. As previously mentioned, exercise can affect brain health in numerous ways, including: improving neurocognitive function, increasing alertness, and increasing energy metabolism. Neurotrophic factors are proteins that the brain uses for protein synthesis, maintenance, repair, and protection. Exercise has been shown to support neurotrophic factor production and activity through several mechanisms including: brain growth, regulating mood, increasing cerebral blood flow, and increasing the efficiency with which neurotransmitters are used in different brain functions such as learning and memory.

The specific nutrients and minerals your body needs to maintain optimal health and physical function depend upon your age, your current body composition, and your fitness level. Nutritional needs change with age because your body composition changes. As we get older, we tend to burn fewer calories than at any other time in our life. As a result, we need more calories than we did when we were younger to maintain our same body composition. Therefore, we need to increase our exercise and nutrition levels to maintain our current fitness level. You may learn more here.

Exercise helps to reduce the risk of serious health conditions such as stroke and coronary artery disease. It improves overall physical function and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. There are many types of exercise, ranging from low intensity, aerobic, to strength training, to balance exercise, and even special exercises for growing children. Most physical fitness experts recommend some combination of aerobic, resistance training, balance and specialty exercises for promoting overall health and fitness goals. See further information at

Exercise and nutrition plans are very important to our clients. We carefully plan individualized exercise programs that are based on the client's needs and goals. Our clients are educated about the benefits of exercise and nutrition and instructed on how to implement these plans in their daily lives. Our professionals help them create a customized exercise program that meets their individual goals and meets the needs of their clients.

Many of our fitness professionals have worked with people who have had stroke or heart disease. These clients have shown great improvement when they included exercise and nutrition in their recovery programs. Studies show that even mild exercise does not increase the risk of stroke or heart disease, but doing regular exercise consistently and for an extended period of time helps to maintain the body's immune system and prevents the development of other conditions that affect the mind and the body. The improved mental acuity and healthier, leaner body that exercise promotes can also improve the quality of life for those who are struggling with depression, anxiety or just tired. It may take a while to see the results of your exercise and nutrition program, but it is well worth the effort. Get further info.

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